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MA Thesis – Anthropology

  Appropriating Stereotypes of Kin, Romance, and Gender: An Ethnographic Study of Filipina Migrants Married to or in De Facto Relationships with New Zealand Men (pdf) I completed my Masters by thesis in 2011. The study looked at they way in which Filipina women used stereotypes in their narratives to distance themselves from negative perceptions of themselves and their relationships. A word on methods: For this qualitative study I conducted eight semi-structured interviews with eleven participants, usually in the homes of the participants. The cohort consisted of seven Filipina migrants and four New Zealand men. These interviews were supplemented with a portion of participant observation in a Filipino community in Nelson, New Zealand, and informal conversations of the duration of my research.
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General Assembly Project – Ticket Website Redesign

The following design was developed for the General Assembly Part Time UX Design Course. The course covered key aspects of UX Design the project required demonstration of those aspects in the format of the student’s choice. I chose to redesign some of the key purchase pathways when purchasing tickets online. In order to decide what to do my project on, I asked people about recent online experiences that they had found difficult. My partner’s mother told me about the challenges she had trying to find the price for a show that she was considering taking her mother-in-law along to. Having had difficulties purchasing tickets for shows online myself, I decided to rethink the processes involved in online ticket purchases.   Problem Statement   User Research I wanted to know about broader user interests outside of ticket purchase in order to better understand the context in which decisions were made, and
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6 Quick Tips for Starting Your Blog

The great thing about blogging is that it is so easy to get started, and depending on how you go about it, doesn’t cost a penny. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked by several people for advice on where to start. I’ve had a think about what advice was (or would have been) most useful to me when I first began and put together the following list. Hopefully it’s helpful!   1) Choose a topic This seems really obvious, but or me this was a really hard to narrow down especially as I consider my blog to be a hobby at this stage. I’ve settled on talking about social media and society, as that’s what I keep coming back to and seems to be a steady interest in my life, but sometimes I veer away from that completely and want to write about things that are going on in my
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Today I want to talk about Tinder.

I first heard about Tinder about six months ago, and I’ve been completely amazed at how massive it’s become. If you are Gen-Y and single, it’s almost expected that you’ve given Tinder a go. For those of you who haven’t tried it, the premise is pretty simple. You link it up with your Facebook profile (it doesn’t post on there or anything, but it does tell you if you have any mutual friends with the person you’re viewing) and you choose some of your pictures for people to look at. You select whether you want to see men or women (perhaps not so great if you’re bi/trans? Would love to hear thoughts on this), what distance away you’re willing to go, and what age range you’re interested in. Then you start swiping! Basically you decide on the look of a person whether or not you’d be potentially keen. If you
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Ermahgerd #Instagram

I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve started to really get into Instagram. You’ve probably heard of it – it’s an app people use to post pictures of their life, usually after giving it a bit of a once-over with a sweet filter. Sometimes people post pictures of their food. I might be one of those people. Here’s a before shot I uploaded earlier of some soup I ate for dinner tonight (so glam): Great examples of this (for me) include Skunkboy Creatures (currently copying her hair colour at least) and the ever amazing A Beautiful Mess. So much cute and amazing and I want to be them. Of course, what you see on your computer screens is a carefully curated set of images created by people who know what their audience is interested in seeing. While I’m not doubting that their lives probably are pretty awesome, otherwise none
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Why ‘IRL’ is a Meaningless Term

I’m picking a fight with the phrase ‘in real life’ or ‘IRL’. It makes the internet sound like some other dimension, a virtual world that is outside of time and space, and, as the term suggests, not actually real. To be fair, there’s some super weird stuff going on , but most of the time we are still interacting with real people in the real world – just through a new means of communication. I touched on this in my post about Facebook – there is a clear distinction made in the way people talk about online and offline worlds and the level of importance that they place on each. Online communication, and any connections solely developed online, are not deemed as legitimate as face-to-face connections. As a child of the digital revolution, technology has played a major role in many of my friendships. As a teenager I spent a stupid amount of
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To Facebook or not to Facebook

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has revolutionised not only how we use the internet but how we interact with one another. Given its reach into the everyday lives of millions around the world, it is unsurprising that people have strong feelings about its utilisation and ways in which they can exert some control over how it works for them. Facebook has been part of my life since the olden days when you could only get on it if you belonged to a university (circa 2006). For me its importance is amplified by the fact that I no longer live near many of my friends and family as it allows me to keep in touch with them and remain an active part of their lives. (Plus, I actually like baby photos – even though sometimes I suspect I’m the only one). I’ve also been pleasantly surprised over the years as
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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

A couple of weekends ago I flew up to Brisbane to visit the lovely and super generous Kim Spikybombshell. We’re both bloggers and fans of Gala Darling – so when The Blogcademy was announced I thought it would be an awesome thing to do together. I’m so glad we did as I’ve come away from the experience feeling the most positive and motivated I have in a very long time. The factors behind the motivation aren’t just the course content (which was excellent) but the people I’ve met because of it (awww). Obviously it’s always nice to make friends – I love meeting new people! – but there’s something extra special about meeting people who have a shared interest. Suddenly they’re not just new friends, but people you can turn to for support, advice, inspiration, and to buy cool stuff from. This seems to be a common sentiment amongst attendees –
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The Blogcademy Brisbane!

Last weekend I attended The Blogcademy Brisbane and it was THE BEST. I came away feeling mega motivated, focused, and with a whole bunch of achievable goals and ideas to action. I took so many notes that my hand still hurts after a week! It was awesome to to meet Headmistresses Shauna, Gala and Kat in person after following them online for so long (I came across Gala’s blog about three years ago now when a friend mentioned it to me). I found the content of the course invaluable – behind all the sparkly ears and fabulous taste in footwear, these are savvy businesswomen, and I’m so glad that they’ve decided to join forces and share their knowledge and experiences in a format that is equal parts inspirational and empowering. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love that blogging has given many women a way to follow their dreams
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The Business of Blogging

Lately I’ve been thinking about how blogs I read and bloggers I socialize with are predominantly female. (I was hoping to track down some stats on the demographics, but can’t find anything current. Everything seems to be from 2010? This site is pretty great, but the data is over three years old now and things have changed dramatically in that time. Anyway, my inkling is that there are more women blogging than men).  This weekend I am heading to the Blogcademy with my dear friend Kim who blogs over at Spikybombshell. The Blogcademy is run by three women (Gala, Kat, and Shauna) who are all savvy businesswomen who are carving out incredibly successful blogging careers. Through their course they have created an international network of women (and some men), many of whom will create or continue to build upon their own businesses online. While it is true that many blogs end up disappearing into
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